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What We Do

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Pawtastic Friends was built with the goal of providing life changing enrichment training programs to homeless dogs. With our staff of professional trainers and volunteers, we are giving dogs in need the skills and guidance to help them transition to their furever home. Your donation will provide basic training, aqua-therapy, or advanced training to a dog who is accepted into our program. You have gotten them one step closer to their happily ever after!


Adoptee of the Month

Hope for the holidays …. 


Dear Santa, 


At 10 years old, I found myself in rescue. How could this be? I should be living my best life with a family of my own, but instead I sit and wait, hopeful someone will pick me. That’s where you come in. 


Although my rescue family takes great care of me, I long for my forever home, where I can enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer. 


I look forward to my time at the training center each week. I love puzzles and Nose Work! Those exercises keep my mind sharp. 


The agility and yoga keep me fit and in shape.  Leisurely walks are tops on my list, along with afternoon naps. My teacher says I’m an A+ student, the apple of her eye. 


So you see Santa, I’ve been good all year and although  I love treats and toys, I really hope you will bring me a family who will love me forever.  Please, rally up the elves and make my Christmas wish come true!





Ps. I’ll leave you doggy biscuits and milk by my kennel 

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Our Mission

Here at Pawtastic Friends, we are committed to a single goal:

we strive to make the world a better place for homeless animals. We are a private,

non-profit organization that is dedicated daily to providing training programs to homeless dogs. With your generosity and donations, together we can achieve these goals.


Through the opportunity to participate in the Pawtastic Friends Enrichment Training Scholarship Programs, our goal is to prepare homeless dogs for adoption when they find their furever homes. In the interim, we provide toys, food, medical care and supplies to help bring them comfort and love until they are adopted. 


Thank you for being a furbaby hero today!

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