Meet 6 year old, Buddy, was rescued from the Henderson Animal Shelter a couple months ago. He had been at the shelter for months, hoping to be adopted. This handsome guy has had a rough life, due to no fault of his own. Prior to entering the shelter, he was living with two other canines. They mainly lived a life outdoors and their “owner” neglected their care. The dogs were taken into protective custody by Henderson Animal Care and Control in August 2017. Thankfully, his brother, Endo, was rescued by Animal Network and was adopted out through them and his sister, Cherry, was adopted from the shelter. 

Buddy was always overlooked by the public as he just sat, depressed and nervous, in his kennel. 


Buddy is now living with his foster family, to include other big dogs. He loves the security that his foster canines give to him and he has learned how to be, well, a family member. Buddy enjoys the company of other big dogs but doesn’t care to share his home with a “little” dog. He also requests a no cat home. They are just too fun to chase and he recognizes his big size is intimidating to cats.  He does think his foster tortoise is cool though! 


Since Buddy had little socialization and love, in his prior life, he was insecure and had a fear of being abandoned again. He seeks comfort and reassurance by being a shadow to his foster mom. Buddy is not a dog who will do well being in a dog kennel as his anxiety gets the best of him. Buddy has made tremendous progress from when he first got to his foster home. He was very timid when first approached and he just needed some time to see that he will not be harmed and that hands are for giving kind love. At first, Buddy did not want to play with toys. It took a couple of weeks for him to see how fun it is to be an active dog and play. He loves to play fetch and he really enjoys going on walks. He is eager to please his human and, although he will need patience and guidance in his new home, he is ready to please and is receptive to learning. 

Buddy has mastered the dog door and is doing well with learning his house manners. 

He quickly learned that sleeping on the bed sure feels good and he is the first to join a dog pile. 

Buddy is a perfect example of a dog who came through a rough point in his life, where his spirit was broken but he is bouncing back and is so happy to see that life really is great. He is such a lovebug who only craves affection and is so loyal to his human and canine pals. 

He would love a home where he is not alone for long periods of time as he seeks security from human and big canine friends. He is happy being a couch/bed potato or an active exercise partner since he loves hiking or strolls through the neighborhood. Whatever makes you happy is what he is ready to do. 

Buddy is ready to start the next chapter of his life.....forever love!


Buddy is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccines. Our group offers foster to adopt options and will begin his placement on a trial basis to ensure that his potential new family is just the right fit for him. To express interest in meeting Buddy, please contact his foster momma, Melissa, at 702-301-8926 or email to 

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