Hi I'm Sophie Bear and I'm a 7 years young ball of energy. I love life, dogs, attention, peanut butter, and love. Unfortunately I've had a rough early life. I was neglected and I'm tiny for my breed and found with mats close to my skin. Unfortunately I was born with congenital hip dysphasia and have been in pain for the majority of my life. I'm on lots of joint and ligament supplements, pain medication, and am on a raw diet. Rather than jumping to surgery which would have a two month recovery period with crate rest and furthering of my muscle atrophy, I would love to get into water therapy. I want to get my joints moving and to strengthen my muscles.If you have any questions about me please text/call 7029007686. I'm available for adoption through Z's Promise Animal Rescue

Sophia Bear



    Las Vegas, NV, USA