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The Happy 'Tail' of Huck and I

It was quite some time ago that I first met Huck. It was love at first sight. I don't know what it was, but he captured my heart. Maybe it was his cute little face, maybe his personality, maybe it was the way his ears went up when he saw me. All I know is seeing him made my heart happy.

As time passed, I learned he loved gourmet doggie treats, he loved to wrestle his blankets in a ball and snuggle, he loved to roll in grassy areas, and he did in fact, give kisses. We quickly became friends and each visit I reassured him that his happily ever after would come.

One day, Huck was not himself and after seeing the doctor was diagnosed with a neurological condition. My heart, along with the hearts of many, were broken. I cried everyday. My friend needed me more then ever and I could not let him down. The village came, so many near and far rallied to help with medical, donating, fostering, and sharing his story over and over.

Months passed and fast forward to today. Huck is doing GREAT, living his happily ever with the best mom I could have ever hoped for. He still attends Enrichment Training weekly and loves his Wednesdays with his friend Donna. He loves his treats (a lot), and he loves to see all his friends that rallied for him.

His doctors say his condition has improved significantly. A miracle, maybe, but I believe it was the power of love, the power of hope, and the will to persevere...