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Nana - A story of unconditional love

Hi friends

In a world full of sadness and heartache , we want to share a story of inspiration, unconditional love, and living life to the fullest.

This is the story of Nana....

I'm Nana and I'm an amazing girl, about 5 1/2 years old. I'm beautiful, smart, funny.... the total package. I found myself homeless when my owners surrendered me some time ago, but I was in good hands with my amazing Animal Network family. They welcomed me in and offered me a kind word and a gentle touch. They restored my spirit and gave me hope. In June of 2016, my life as I knew it would change forever. That's when I met Nikki at an adoption event and became her foster pup. I sat on her lap and that was the start of a friendship like no other. You see Nikki needed me as much as I needed her. We both felt so lucky to find each other... it was meant to be. We were besties from the start and every day was an adventure. I savor our snuggle time and oh how I love my hugs. I'll even do somersaults for belly rubs. We play and I howl when I squeak my toys too much. Sometimes I even scare myself.... Nikki says I'm a scaredy cat, but with her in my corner, I know I'm always safe. In fact, Nikki isn't just my best friend, she's my Mom. Recently, I wasn't feeling so well, and went to the doctor. After some testing, it was determined I had cancer. How could this be? My life was full of love. I started enrichment training. I made new friends. I was happy. Life threw us both a curve ball, but that's ok because we have each other and are surrounded by people that love us. We are looking at life a little different these days, enjoying every second. We hug more, cuddle more, and enjoy the little things. I still go to training every other week to have some fun and see my friends. Every day is a gift for us. I'm not sure what lies ahead but one thing I know is I won't be alone. Nikki will be by my side every step of the way just like always. Please keep us in your thoughts..... We all need a little faith and love. Remember enjoy every moment. #teamnana



Please consider fostering. There are so many great pups, like Nana, waiting in boarding. Your love and kind guidance can help them build confidence and self esteem. You will change their life for ever.