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Bible... A story of faith and love

Rescue can be so rewarding, restoring kindness in a not so nice world.. Yet there are days it can rip your heart out and bring you to your knees. Today was one of those days. It was a day that makes me question faith, and time. In fact in the last couple weeks, I've watched some of our rescue partners suffer much loss. I've cried tears for them and felt their heartbreak as they made compassionate, courageous decisions. Today, those tears that have become all to familiar, came again.... tears for Bible. Many of you have followed Bible's story. Rescued by our partners at Pits to Pets, he was given a 2nd chance to live a life he so deserved. He became an enrichment training scholar and really shined. Charming, handsome, and charismatic, he stole the hearts of many. He was diagnosed with cancer and would soon begin the fight of his life. His many friends would rally around him, sending positive thoughts, prayers, and lots of love. His Pits to Pets family did everything possible to help him win his battle, but unfortunately, his treatments were unsuccessful and nothing would make it better. His life would become about quality... extra belly rubs, yummy treats, and all his favorite things. He became a wonderful example of perseverance, of courage, and hope. When I got word that Bible lost his fight, I was at a loss for words. I thought about the cards he was dealt and it sucked. My heart broke for Anne & Shannon and the many who loved him near and far. It just isn't fair... I guess life never is. Days like this really make my heart hurt. It makes me think that I'm not cut out for this, as I lay awake at night. But then I think about the rescues and all that they do to save lives, and make a scary time a little more tolerable. They may not wear capes, but they are heroes and inspire me to keep going on days that I want to quit. A dear friend once told me that a blue heart is for the ones that have passed. So, I share this blue heart for Bible. Always in our hearts 💙 

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