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As January comes to a close, it was a great start to 2019 with some awesome adoption announcements. But yet with happiness, there came yet another tremendous loss of everyone's favorite girl Naomi. I'll never understand why life can be so unfair and with each loss my heart breaks a little more. Once again, I lie awake at night and wonder if I'm cut out for this. Naomi, the beautiful girl that stole everyone's heart. She was a survivor of a most horrific past but persevered, teaching life lessons to many. She waited years for a foster but yet she never gave up and her strength and will was most admirable and inspiring. She started in the enrichment training program in 2017, thanks to her best friend Beth. She was an amazing scholar who loved agility, had A+ commands, solved puzzles like a rockstar, and was quite the perfect lady. Many followed her journey from Day 1 and #teamnaomi became bigger and stronger. In addition to training with Shannon, Naomi also was in the aquatics program with Kathy and wow did she love it. She was an amazing swimmer, a natural, chasing toys and showing off her speed and perfect execution, a true mermaid. She was a silly girl who loved people and had a smile and personality that would melt your heart. Naomi is a true example of faith, hope, and never giving up. She was loved by so many and will be missed by so many. Lots of hearts are broken. Thank you to Animal Network for saving Naomi and giving her a chance, to Beth for never giving up on her, to Shannon and Kathy for bringing out the best in her, to her sponsors for your kindness, and her recent foster for making her part of your family. To #teamnaomi you were an army of support that cheered her on in many ways, and made a difference in her life. So, although we suffer this tremendous loss, we can be sure that an angel watches over us from the bridge. We love you Naomi. You will always be in our hearts and missed so much. 💙