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Once in a lifetime dogs

A volunteer can be defined as a person who offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking. That being said, I feel incredibly blessed to have worked along side some of the most incredible, dedicated, compassionate volunteers out there. Throughout my journey as a volunteer, I not only have met amazing people from all different walks, but extraordinary furry friends that have touched my heart. First, there was Huck, who taught me about perseverance and the will to never give up EVER. Next, there was McEnroe and Yoda who taught me to enjoy the simple things, like the art of a tennis ball 🎾 or a dip in the pool. Ah and Sookie who taught me to welcome the breeze on my face and the definition of girlfriend time. Nico, he taught me wrinkles and a squishy body add character. And then there was Rico, a little bundle of energy, who stole my heart just like the others. I met Rico almost a year and a half ago and immediately fell in love with his charm. Every week I looked forward to our time together.... ours walks, our heart to heart pep talks, lots a kisses and treats. Just like the others he tolerated my serenading him with “You Are My Sunshine”. He touched my heart and as I grew more attached, I hoped he would become Rico Novelli. But, as luck would have it, the perfect family came along, and I got a message Rico was going home. My eyes teared up with joy and excitement. It was finally his time. I was fortunate to get to say goodbye and share one final walk, one final pep talk, and lots of kisses. He looked in my eyes, sat on my lap, and was like.... I got this. Funny how the language of love is conveyed without words. I saw some pictures of him in his new home and he looks so happy and that makes me smile.... happily ever after sweet Rico As volunteers , we hope to make a confusing time a little more tolerable. We are a friend, who is there to walk, to snuggle, to throw the ball, or just sit with.... anything our furry friends need while they wait for their forever home. While we are giving them hope, they are teaching us about life in so many ways. Thank you to Rico and all of the others who taught me many life lessons and thank you to the wonderful volunteers that share their time & their hearts with our furry friends. You inspire me. Lots a love ❤️ Melissa 

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