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Spirit of Nevada

What started out as "Tuesday Videos" years ago turned in to so much more then we could have imagined. We are very grateful to all of the incredible people that we have met along the way that share the Pawtastic Friends journey with us. It is each and everyone of you that make it all possible. The Enrichment Training Scholarship Program has changed the lives of over 400 deserving pups. Through the kind guidance of wonderful trainers, and the generosity of sponsors, so many have found their forever homes. Sometimes it's not always easy,  and the rescue stories are unimaginable and heartbreaking, often keeping me up at night. I sometimes think I'm not cut out for this and those that know me, know I shed 

a lot of tears.  A couple of weeks ago, thanks to a tag on Facebook, we met 

2 incredibly kind, and talented people Sam & David from Spirit of Nevada. They came out on a Tuesday to experience the Boarding Buddies program, showcasing some of our scholars, and went on a Terrific Tuesday adventure with Rosie, Terrific Tom, and Nancy. They went to her swim session at Canine Bodywork and Aquatics,  to the park, to get a new toy, and to get a burger. We got to see the finished collaboration earlier this week, and it was such an amazing representation of Pawtastic Friends. As I watched it over and over, it reminded me why Pawtastic Friends gives hope to so many..... it reminded me of why we keep going even on days when we feel like we can't win this war. Thank you Sam, David, Spirit of Nevada, and Victoria for renewing my spirit and faith.  Much love  Melissa & Michael  

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