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PF Trainer Spotlight!

Shannon McDonald, Head PF Trainer

How does a person become a dog trainer? At Pawtastic Friends, we believe each person is given gifts when they are born and that gift is developed over time to become the person you are today. For Shannon McDonald, her gift began in Michigan.

Shannon always had a love and passion for animals, starting with the family pup Daisy & cat Lucky. But that wasn’t enough for Shannon. When she was 7 years old, she begged her mom to take her to shelters in her hometown. She happily did; once a week for a year and a half. The rule was, Shannon was there to help, not bring home a pet.

After the first year, Shannon met Maggie at the shelter and they fell in love (yes, it was love at first sight for both).

Maggie had two potential adopters, but Shannon knew they were meant to be together. She pleaded with her mother to adopt Maggie, and her mom finally agreed. Given they were #3 on the list, she didn’t expect they would be selected 😣

Shannon waited three long days to receive the fantastic news that the first two adopters fell through. Maggie was her dog!!

When Maggie came home with Shannon, she was so scared. Shannon provided the love, comfort and support that Maggie needed. However, Maggie provided Shannon with so much more and became her emotional support dog. Along with Shannon’s other dog Molly, Maggie would spend her days training, playing and even dressing up!

Shannon moved to Las Vegas in 2016 with her furry family and was searching for a Training Program, where she could apply her skills to assist dogs during their transition from rescue facilities to their forever home. In 2017, Shannon heard about the mission of Pawtastic Friends and knew that was where she could make a difference in a dog’s life. And that she has done! Shannon has trained and transformed 100’s of dogs. She has provided life changing skills and set these dogs up for success in their new homes. She has acquired the name `Trainer to the Stars' due to her ability to bring out the best in each dog and allowing them to SHINE! 🌟 She lives, breathes and sleeps for each Pawtastic Friends scholar and can always be heard saying, ‘Every Dog Deserves a Chance!’.

Shannon, along with her assistant trainers Deogee & Leroy, truly found their purpose in helping rescue dogs succeed and overcome the incorrect stereotypes placed on them. Pawtastic Friends is extremely grateful to Shannon for her commitment to our mission, ‘Lend a helping hand to homeless dogs looking for their forever home’


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