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Enrichment Training

The Enrichment Training Scholarship Program came to life in 2016, allowing the animal lovers around the globe to sponsor a homeless rescue dog to enroll in the program. Most of these dogs are coming from less than desirable situations. Our program provides sessions with trainers, that we have hand picked, to help them become adoptable faster. Courses include socialization, basic commands, agility course training and aquatic therapy. After each session, sponsors are sent an update with pictures, allowing the sponsor to engage and join the dogs journey to his/her happily ever after. 

The Smell of Success

Max, aka Hot Rod, found his way into a local shelter many years ago. He quickly became a volunteer favorite with his charming personality and pleasant disposition. That’s when we first met. It was heartbreaking to see how long Max and so many others were waiting for forever homes. That’s what inspired the Enrichment Scholarship Program.


He was one of the very first scholars in the program and was eager to learn. Quite the gentleman, he built a solid foundation of skills to set him up for success. He was adopted out a couple times but kept finding his way back in to the shelter system and kennel life. His spirit was broken and there was defeat in his eyes, but dedicated volunteers loved him and nurtured him every day until he was adopted, yet again. We all hoped this would finally be his happily ever after, but sadly it was not. He found himself quarantined in another state.


The thought of him all alone facing an uncertain future was unbearable. So, we reached out to our wonderful partners at Friends for Life for help. After many calls and conversations, he was released to their care and volunteers traveled to bring him home. He joined the Enrichment Training Program once again, training twice a week while he settled in to the Friends for Life family. Max waited and waited, and then one day it was his turn. Sadly for a fourth time, due to the pandemic, he found himself back in rescue. He was still the same charming, handsome, larger than life dog, but he had slowed down with age. He resumed his spot in training and once again we worked hard to renew his spirit, as kennel life can be stressful. He continued to go to adoption events and waited until a wonderful family said `he’s the one' and now he is living the life he always deserved. 


There are many stories just like Max’s full of heart break, despair and close calls. The Enrichment Training Program has helped renew spirits, build confidence, and train pups like Max to be the best they can be. It gives them the opportunity to shine and reach their potential. Max is a perfect example of a misunderstood dog that needed a little hope and a village that wouldn’t give up!

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