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Macbeth finds Kindness (and a forever home)

The sad story we have all heard too often – abandoned, inhumanely treated dogs, but when you hear four brothers were treated this way you wonder where is the kindness.

The Majestic Brothers; Macbeth, Richard, Samuel, and Shakespeare were 6 months old when authorities took hold of them from a breeder who forced the four pups to live in unbearable conditions. For 18 months, while the breeder was awaiting trial, the Majestic Brothers awaited their own fate while in the protection of the authorities, where they grew to a majestic size; very large Heinz 57s with Retriever, Shepherd, and other breeds mixed. Unfortunately, due to inhumane conditions at their early age and their 18 months in protection they had taken an emotional toll; unable to walk on a leash, confused by human affection, and lacking in self-esteem. The breeder was eventually convicted of animal cruelty and after the 18 months with authorities, the brothers were turned over to the Nevada SPCA.

The Nevada SPCA team and our Pawtastic Friends volunteers were faced with a challenge with teaching each brother trust, hope and faith. With your generous donations all received Enrichment Scholarships. The Pawtastic Friends volunteers went to work on their Enrichment Training; leash, commands, and of course trust. Happily, three of the brothers had been adopted in the past year.

We are especially thrilled to announce on April 15th the last of the Majestic Brothers, Macbeth has found his forever home (pictured). His family is so excited in having Macbeth join their family and Macbeth is finally able to trust.

Kindness is defined as treating with respect and affection. On April 15th Macbeth finally understood affection and respect – he found kindness.

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