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Every year on the second Tuesday in June, World Pet Memorial Day offers a time for pet owners to

remember the furry companions that have passed away. It’s also a day to do something kind for those

who have recently lost their beloved pet.

It’s no secret that people love their pets. And rightly so. These wonderful creatures provide

companionship, emotional support, and lots of joy. Pets are also beneficial for one’s health. For

example, those with pets have decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Additionally, pets

provide increased opportunities for exercise.

Because humans become so attached to their pets, it’s very difficult when they die. It can sometimes

take several months to get over the death of a pet. During the time of mourning, pet owners might

experience guilt, denial, and depression. Eventually pet owners will feel acceptance and resolution.

During this process, it’s important for pet owners to not let others tell them how to feel. It is also helpful

to reach out to others that have lost pets and to seek professional help if necessary. Some pet owners

hold a memorial service after their fur-baby crosses the Rainbow Bridge.


On this day pet owners that have lost a furry friend are encouraged to take time to remember their pet.

Ways to participate include:

1. Purchase a Memorial Brick with Pawtastic Friends and your pet’s memory will live forever in the

‘Garden of Hope’

2. Gather photos of your pet and make a photo album.

3. Plant a tree in remembrance of your pet.

4. Donate or volunteer in memory of your pet.

5. Get a tattoo to honor your pet.



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