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Armstrong's Big Day

In the world of rescue, sometimes hope & faith whisper in our ears to keep up the fight, even when we wonder how to go on. I watch our rescue partners face heartbreaking situations everyday and I wonder how they do it. But then something happens that renews your spirit. This is the case with Armstrong  but you might know him as Army or Army Pants. He was part of the Animal Network family, a sweet boy, smart and handsome, but for some reason overlooked. He started in the enrichment training program about 2 years ago and was one of the longest to participate. He worked hard, exceeded all his goals, and was an A+ student. Shannon, his trainer took Army under her wings, promising him his time would come, and Army was patient. Sometimes, I think he was more patient then most of us were. Time passed and we still didn't understand how Armstrong could be passed by. But, he came across a wonderful person while in boarding, who fell in love. Spending time with him everyday, she saw what a great boy he was and knew he belonged with her and that was the day Army waited so patiently for, the day he would get his family. I like to think it was fate that brought them together. As they say good things come to those who wait..... Happily ever after Army ❤

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