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Woofstock 2017: Thank you!

This past Sunday, April 23rd, we had the opportunity to participate in Woofstock 2017.

It was a wonderful event, where local rescues, shelters, charities and businesses got together to promote animal adoption and welfare. Pawtastic Friends was able to share with so many people the benefits of the Enrichment Scholarship Program and most importantly, how it's impacted so many dogs.

From our heart, we spoke of many victories; Tanner who now has learned trust; Yoda, Tex, and Jean Marc who have mastered agility; and, Rocco, McEnroe and Sandra that improved with manners and socialization.

So many of our 'Enrichment Scholars' have found forever homes, but many more dogs remain in our community’s shelters. The response has inspired our team to continue our mission of enriching the lives of shelter and rescue dogs, so that they all may find their happily ever after.

Much thanks to the sponsors and volunteers that make the Pawtastic Friends Enrichment Scholarship program possible!

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