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It Takes a Village...

You tell us you don't know how we do it.... we tell you how could we not! Don't get me wrong, volunteering is not for everyone. Believe me, some days are easier then others. Some days we leave with smiles, some days we leave in tears. We build a bond with each dog we spend time with a friendship that is built out of love and trust. We volunteer with some of the most caring, compassionate, and committed people we have ever met. Together, we can move mountains, and strive to make a difference. Every time a pup finds it's forever home is a small victory in a never ending battle.

You too can make a difference. If you can't adopt, please consider fostering. If you can't foster, please consider volunteering. You will not regret it and will be making such an impact on the lives of our furry friends. There are other ways to help your local shelter or rescue too... donating blankets, sheets, toys, and other needed items.

Even a simple share of one of our videos makes a difference. Every bit helps, as it takes a village !

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