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Celebrating America's Birthday with our Furbabies!

The 4th of July is a beautiful day to celebrate America. However, it's a very scary, stressful day for our four legged friends.

Although fireworks are beautiful, the sound is very traumatic for some pets. Here are a few tips to get through the holiday.

1. Keep pets inside. Make sure all gates are securely locked outside.

2. Make an area for them where they feel secure & safe. I make a little fort of blankets for Brigitte.

3. Put the TV or radio on to help lesson the fireworks sound.

4. Get them a toy or bone to keep them busy and preoccupied.

5. Stay home with them, if possible and reassure them they are okay.

6. Make sure all tags are updated as precaution if they get lost.

7. For severe cases, contact your vet for calming medication or try holistic calming oils.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!

Your Pawtastic Friends team

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