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The journey of Bambi

We recieved a random call Tuesday from an older man named Bud who needed our help. A shephard mix wandered on to his drive way lost after the 4th of July. He took her in and gave her water and food. He was not computer savy and not familiar with social media, so we went over and took some pictures and shared a video on Facebook. After 25, 000 views, we came across a Craigslist post. It seems she was a long way from home. She was found on the other side of town. The original finder brought her to his house and after getting out, she made her way to Buds. His health was not good, so the NSPCA was gracious enough to help. By chance, someone saw the video and knew the owner..... the pup now had a name. Her name was Bambi, which fit her personality, sweet and loving. What a feeling. Bambi was going home and her owners were coming to get her. However, they never came for her. My heart is sad for Bambi. Please make sure when you get a pet , you understand that it is a lifelong commitment. Please make sure you have a collar on with proper id, and please make sure your pup is chipped and has your updated information. These are simple, responsible steps to assure that you pup is safe. I am grateful Bambi is safe thanks to the kindness of many. This story could have ended very differently. Here's to the next chapter.....

Bambi finds her forever home.

If you would like to make this sweet girl part of your family, please contact us at She will give you unconditional love each and everyday of her life.

As always, adopt don't shop.

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