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Tanner found his furever home

It's Tanner, ah life is good. Sometimes, I think that I'm dreaming. I found my furever home. I love my mommy and daddy so much and my 4 legged sister. I'm her big bro and I look out for her. I'm proof that sharing the Facebook updates makes a difference. That's how my family found me. They just knew they could change my life..... and they did. They are my heros and I love them so much. I still go to enrichment training and practice agility and focus. We practice commands and skills that will continue my transition in my new home. I'm bonding and building trust. I even let my papa bathe me and brush my teeth. Yes, me Tanner. I leave you with this - faith, hope, and dedication .... along with LOVE can change a dogs world. It did mine. Much thanks and love to the staff, volunteers, sponsors, & trainers that made it happen.Forever grateful,Tanner

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