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Adopt don't shop

Adoption is such an amazing experience. It's truly life changing for the animal & the humans. It not only saves one life but two..... the one who found a home and the next to be taken in. The thing about adoption, some don't understand, is that it's a lifetime commitment, an educated decision that should involve all family members. Animals are not material items to be returned if it doesn't work out. As volunteers, it's so heartbreaking to see one of your favorites get adopted and then returned. Here are some tips if you are considering adopting.

1. Make sure it is the right time in your life to adopt

2. Bring all family members when meeting potential new furry family members

3. Be patient. Once you bring your new family member home, remember they need to adjust and decompress

4. Ask questions & reach out for help

5. Don't give up. Most of these animals have been let down time & time again, they have terrible pasts & need a hero...

Be the hero they are waiting for

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