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Enrichment Training

The Enrichment Scholarship Project is making the difference for so many shelter and rescue dogs in boarding. It's an opportunity for them to indulge in a few hours of training or swim..... simply stated to just be a dog. They work on agility, leash skills, commands and manners. Older dogs or those with mobility issues swim and the warm water soothes their muscles. When we see the pictures and read the report cards we are overcome with emotion. To see their smiles, and to read about their accomplishments is so amazing. We are so blessed to have amazing trainers at Smarty Paws (Crissy, Kay, Melissa & Shannon), Canine Consultants (Lara & Lauren), and Canine Bodyworks & Aquatics (Kathy). You guys ROCK. The volunteers that transport the pups to and from are the most compassionate, dedicated people we know. To all the sponsors that support this program, you are changing their lives. Together we can make the difference for them.

Much love

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