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We need your help

We are so honored to be part of Boyd Gaming's Trees of Hope. There are so many wonderful charities participating, hoping to win the prize. What does the monetary award mean to Pawtastic Friends ? In the spirit of the holiday it would be a gift and a blessing. The top prize would mean 180 enrichment training sessions for our scholars. It would mean opportunity for new pups to start in the program. There are 2 ways to win. First, you can vote in person at the Suncoast casino. For the social media prize, you can click on the following link. Remember we are PAWTASTIC FRIENDS NOT PAWS. We are two separate organizations.

Please continue to vote daily. We fell into 2nd place. Many thanks to all of you who are voting & sharing.

This is our tree below. It seems our tree is not showing up always. Please do not confuse us with Paws. We are 2 separate organizations.

Vote for the Pawtastic Friends holiday tree once per day by clicking the "Trees of Hope 2017" tab on the BoydGaming Facebook page! Or use this link:

We are honored to have the chance to win $$$ for our furry friends! Please share and vote vote vote! ❤️❤️❤️

Much gratitude

The Pawtastic Friends Family

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