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Enrichment Training

The Enrichment Scholarship Project has changed the lives of many shelter & rescue pups and continues to do so. It is not only physical exercise but so much more. It offers hope, it offers faith, and it offers perserverance. It's an opportunity for our friends to get out of their kennels and work on their skills to become their very best. Here is a note from Huck, an amazing guy who taught me so much about survival and unconditional love.  

Huck here. I celebrated my very first Christmas with my mommy & even had my own stocking. We rang in 2018 together with hopes that my friends still waiting at the shelter find their homes. For me, I started my year with lots of love. I'm grateful for all my friends that advocated for me. I still go to enrichment training at Smarty Paws. I work on exercises that help with my balance and coordination. Some tasks are hard for me but I try and try. A friend told me long ago to never give up.... those words have and continue to guide me. So, my friends cheers to 2018..... health, love, and lots of happily ever afters Love  Huck  This is what Enrichment Training is all about preparing to go home..... 

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