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It was a little over a year ago when a group of dedicated, compassionate volunteers wanted to make a difference. Our friend Jen and some other volunteers would send a dog or two to Smarty Paws for training. We wanted to find a way to send as many as possible, as it was an outlet from kennel life, a chance to work on commands, manners, and focus. It was 4 hours to be a dog and have fun. That's when "the enrichment scholarship project" came to life. It was a team effort built from love, built from determination, and built from hope. Watching the dogs thrive physically and mentally was amazing & seeing them get adopted was a heartwarming victory. As we look back to when the vision took shape to the present, it makes us so proud that this program directly funded 99 dogs (80 from the local no kill shelter & 19 from Animal Network). It takes a village, each and everyone of us, to make a difference. 

Much love & gratitude 

Melissa & Michael 

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