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Crayon... hope & lots of love

Hi friends, it's me Crayon. It's not my usual Tuesday enrichment training update, but it sure is an important one. I really need your help. I had some issues with my skin and was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. Please don't be sad for me, my friends and I are very hopeful (you can read the details below). You see my life changed. My bestie Anne rescued me and has shown me love and self worth. I just started Enrichment Training and I am a natural, learning all the skills to make me my best. Not to mention I love Ms. Shannon. Here's where you can help..... I need you to share my story everywhere, everyday over and over. I'm in search of a hero.... (a foster or adopter). I want to enjoy every second of my life, loving, exploring, playing, and enjoying lots of treats. Please contact Pits to Pets Rescue if you can help ❤ Love Crayon From Pits to Pets Crayon Update: I've put off doing an update on Crayon because I figured once I made this post it would have to mean that what I am about to say is true. Those of you that have been following Crayon since he was at the shelter are aware that he was on the TOL for skin conditions. While some of his skin has healed, some has not. A couple weeks ago the vet removed a mass and sent it off for a biopsy. The biopsy came back positive for cancer. Crayon has skin cancer. This prognosis could explain the amount of scabs and scarring he has all over his body. We is currently on antibiotics, but there is no cure to make him better. Crayon is a sweet boy and has made huge strides in the month he been with us. He went from a cage reactive dog with no manners to a wonderful dog that walks well on leash, loves belly rubs, enjoys showing off at enrichment training, and goes into the crate (at least 85% of the time) willingly and sits while you close the door. As of now, the vet and I will be monitoring his skin and watching for new growths or changes and are hoping changes will be few and far between. New growths left untreated can burst and may bleed so much that he would become anemic. Please keep Crayon in your thoughts and prayers. Even though his cancer cannot be cured, we are hoping he will still have time to feel more love and find his forever home. Show quoted text 

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