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A Pawtastic Journey

A Pawtastic Journey

Established in 2016, by Michael and Melissa Novelli, Pawtastic Friends has been on a mission to find forever homes for unwanted, discarded, abused and forgotten dogs. With the help of many donors and corporate sponsors, Pawtastic Friends has had over 150 enrichment training scholars and to date, 71 dogs have found their forever homes. With the use of videos and social media, Pawtastic Friends has been able to grow into a very reputable and respected non-profit. While Pawtastic Friends has been exceeding goals set in place by their founders and other board members, they’re quickly moving towards their goal of establishing their own state of the art enriched living facility. This building will house a full agility course where our private trainers can continue to train dogs in rescue situations. The initial plans are to have adoption counselors, meet and greet rooms, training services after your adoption, a small area to house a limited number of dogs, and so much more. In the next few months, Pawtastic Friends will announce their campaign to finding and building this oasis of a facility. There will of course be opportunities for YOU to be a part of something very special in this community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and visit our website for more information on our building plans, and how you can get involved!