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What better way to start off the week, then announcing the 75th scholar ADOPTED. Wow #75, an amazing milestone achieved thanks to so many. Pawtastic Friends is so grateful to be partnered with such amazing rescues and shelters that believe in and recognize the value of the enrichment training scholarship program. They welcome the complimentary program with open arms, so they can concentrate on saving pups and providing care, while we work on building confidence, social, and doggy skills, to help them prepare for their forever home.

A great concept.... working together to achieve great things. It doesn't stop there, thanks to the amazing trainers that bring out the best in our scholars giving them hope and boosting their spirits. Last, but certainly not least, the volunteers that transport, the sponsors that donate, and each and everyone of you that cheerlead and hit that share button, a BIG thank you for making this program all that it is. We've said this before, and we can't say it enough, Pawtastic Friends is not just Michael & I, it's all of you that contribute in so many different ways. Cheers to the next milestone.

Below are a list of our rescue/shelter partners. Please consider adopting your next family member from one of them

Animal Network

Animal Help Alliance

The Churchill Foundation

Desert Haven Animal Society

Las Vegas Rescue Center

Pits to Pets Rescue

The Samadhi Legacy Foundation

Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue

Wagging Tails Rescue

Much love

Melissa, Michael and the entire Pawtastic Friends team.

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