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In Loving Memory

The rescue world can be tough. Sure there are many victories, but there are many heartbreaks too. It's taken some time to find the words to share about a special boy.... his name was Wesson. Wesson, a handsome, smart, funny, loving boy found his hope through his friends at Animal Network. They saved him, cared for him, and loved him. They were his angels. He quickly became a volunteer favorite and soon after a favorite to so many more. You see he had a magnetic personality that you just wanted to be around and he soaked up all the attention and love. He joined the Pawtastic Friends enrichment scholarship program and thrived with Ms. Shannon & Ms. Kathy. He loved agility, especially the tunnels and a-frame. An A+ student, he mastered his commands, leash skills, and was a perfect gentleman. Wesson savored every moment out of boarding and enjoyed his swim sessions. It was not just physical exercise, but a sense of peace for the mind and spirit. One thing for sure, he loved his adventures with his besties. Wesson was an ambassador for the enrichment training program, making his debut on The Morning Blend, as well as being showcased by The Dog House. Team Wesson was in full force with the ultimate goal.... his forever home. And that day came, he was adopted, but due to no fault of his own, he was returned. His friends were there for him with open arms. Sadly, Wesson became ill and passed away. So many tears were shed and the heartbreak was unbearable. Wesson's memory lives on in the hearts of the community that loved him. He is now an angel to many. We love you Wesson

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