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A second chance

Rescue is not always easy. Sometimes it's happy, sometimes it hurts your heart. We all share the same goal..... to make a difference. We recently saw many dogs running out of time due to the lack of space in the shelters. Recently the rescue community came together making room when they had none, giving many animals a 

2nd chance. Today, we had the pleasure of meeting 3 of those dogs. Nico, Red, and Winnie. I felt myself holding back tears several times, feeling grateful that they got a 2nd chance, but sad that the ending could have been so different. These are 3 dogs that were labeled for cage reaction, fear and a bad leg. It saddened me because, the dogs I met were amazing, full of love, kisses, walked great on a leash, and each had their own unique personality, and zest for life. It breaks my heart, that there are many Nico's, many Red's, and many Winnie's.... many that will never get that second chance. In fact, like many of us, I lay awake at night with worry, wondering how we can do more. I'm grateful for the partners we have in so many capacities that share that passion. Fostering saves lives. Volunteering brings hope. Donations bring comfort and opportunities. Please help where you can...... you can make a difference. 

Melissa Novelli


Pawtastic Friends

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