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Hope, Faith & a little bit of heart

There comes a day like no other day in the life of a rescue pup. We hope and pray that this will be our day, but days pass, months pass, even years and it seems that day may never come. For various reasons we find ourselves homeless, confused, heart broken, and alone. Volunteers and staff become our new family, mending our broken hearts and spirits. Some of us are lucky enough to find foster homes, but many sit in boarding or shelters with hope fading. Our friends keep our spirits alive by taking us on walks, snuggling, singing to us, and doing anything to make a difficult time more tolerable.Then all of a sudden it happens, someone asks to meet us and life as we know it changes. We find comfort in a new family, and never look back. While some of us are lucky enough to find forever homes, many are not and continue to wait for a hero that never comes. We need your help. Please consider adopting or fostering, it will not only save a life, but it will change you forever. Much love, hope & gratitude A rescue dog 

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