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What is commitment? This word can be interpreted differently by people. Through the eyes of a volunteer, committment is dedication to a cause. We have been blessed to meet so many volunteers on our journey. People that share whatever free time they have to make a scary, confusing time a little more tolerable. We walk dogs, we bring treats, we bathe, we transport on little adventures, we sing, we snuggle, we love..... we do whatever we can to give hope and restore faith in human kindness. We brave the cold, we brave the heat not cause we have to but because we choose to and we can't bare to let our friends down. Some days may be easier then others, sometimes we leave in tears, feeling defeated. We have made friendships with some of the most amazing people through volunteering and on days that might be a little difficult, we inspire and lift each other up. That we are forever grateful. Thank you to all the volunteers that are committed to making a difference.

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