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Faith, Hope & Love

In a world full of sadness and heartache, it's wonderful to be able to find a little faith & love. 

Sunday was a day where faith shined & hearts were full. It was a bright day in a sometimes dark world. Pawtastic Friends held our very first multi rescue adoption event at The Space. Some of our awesome rescue partners came out with amazing adoptable pups searching for their happily ever afters. There were dogs of all breeds, all sizes, and all ages... a best friend for everyone. Each dog had eyes that told a different story, but one thing they all had in common was faith & hope. The pups wowed possible adopters with charm, snuggles, and lots of kisses. It was so refreshing for the spirit to see several rescues join forces to give so many pups opportunity to be seen, to be heard, and ultimately get adopted. Each potential adoption was a possible victory for all of us. You see life is not always fair, but in these 3 hours.... the rescue world was perfect. We were grateful to see old friends and thankful to meet new. Thank you to all of our amazing rescue partners, the vendors, Dazzling Bistro, and each and every volunteer that helped in so many different ways. You guys are the BEST and we could not do it without you. Mark Shunock and The Space, thank you for providing an amazing venue. We are so grateful for your kindness. We leave you with this Be Kind, Have Faith, & Never Give Up. Together we can accomplish much & make miracles happen.  Much love & gratitude Melissa, Michael & The Pawtastic Friends Team

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