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Until we meet again my friend

"Rescue" = to save someone or something from a dangerous or difficult situation. That being said, animal rescue has many joys, but just as many heartaches, many wins, but just as many losses. This week was one of tremendous heartache & loss. It wasn't the first and I'm sure it won't be the last, but for many it ripped our hearts out. I've cried a lot this week as I soul searched for the right words to express how I was feeling. Not only was I broken hearted but I was feeling like I failed a friend. His name was Yoda. I'm not quite sure that I'll ever recover from that and I know I'm not alone as I've watched friends grieve for the pups they could not save.... their Yodas. You see as volunteers we give our time to help make a difficult, confusing situation a little more tolerable. We bond and become attached to our furry friends. We run with them, sing to them, snuggle them, and do whatever we can to keep their spirits up and a sparkle of hope in their eyes. I have built many friendships with some incredible people, volunteers that inspire me with their heart and their dedication. I met Yoda many years ago. He was in the kennel next to Huck. As I was putting Huck back after our walk, I saw a little face pop up with a look like hey is it my turn? I looked at the walk sheet and saw he hadn't been out for a few days. I was told he was strong and pulls a lot. After having two back surgeries, I thought it might be too difficult for me. I had a heart to heart and told Yoda, ok buddy, we are gonna give it a try, but go easy on me. That was the start of our friendship. I walked him every time I was there. We had our routine, sprinting to the corner, and then a leisurely walk. In the beginning Yoda was not the social butterfly he became. He really didn't want much human contact. But that all changed, he learned to indulge in his baths with Sinead, loved his tennis balls, and became an A+ kisser. Yoda was quite a character. He loved going to training and each Tuesday, we'd have our pep talk... he was a good listener. Many of you knew Yoda through his updates and videos. Many of you loved him for those ears and his love of tennis balls. You shared him near and far and that we are most grateful for. We have been prevented from sharing Yoda and many others and that l am also heartbroken over. There are many others that wait in shelters & boarding. We can honor Yoda and the many others that never made it home, by adopting, by volunteering, by sharing, and by advocating. We are the voice of the voiceless. Rip my friend, I'll always love you Yoda & I'm sorry 💙😭 Melissa