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Age is just a number.

Age is just a number. The mind, spirit, and body are as young as we feel. In the rescue world, we come across many senior pups. They find themselves alone in shelters and rescues for many reasons. They are abandoned because they are older and suffering the effects of age. They have been loved all their lives, but their owners have passed. They have been dumped for younger dogs. Although it isn't right, it's a reality of rescue. We are fortunate to have many rescue partners who save senior pups, and work very hard to find them homes to live out their golden years. But for many they end up waiting for a hero that never comes. On the other hand, there are many compassionate, committed adopters that hold seniors close to their hearts. One senior who stole the hearts of many was a frosty face guy named Bishop. He was an older guy that found himself at the shelter. Saved by Pits to Pets Rescue, he had a bright future ahead of him. He had hope, faith, and will. A beautiful spirit fell in love with Bishop and it was love at first sight. He found his happily ever after and settled in beautifully. However, a few days ago we got an unexpected call that he passed away. How could this be? He was finally home, loving life. Our hearts break for Bishop and his Mommy. I guess we will never understand the mystery of life & death. One thing we do know is kennels are flooded with seniors that need us. Please consider opening your home to a deserving senior. Not only will you save them but they will save you. Be a hero, adopt a senior. Rip Bishop 💙 

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