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A will to survive!

A survivor is someone that escapes a horrible fate, and beats the odds. Survivors come in all shapes and forms. Through our lives, we've met many that have beat diseases, that have left abusive relationships, that have survived accidents.... the list goes on. In the many years of volunteering we've met some 4 legged survivors. One that has touched the hearts of many is Naomi. We met Naomi a long time ago and her story was not only one of heartache but one of survival. She was found in the desert hog tied. Many angels came to her aid and she found her way to Animal Network. They nursed her body and spirit back to health. Her story is not only one of survival but one of will. As we got to know Naomi, she taught us many lessons. She shared unconditional love, bravery, hope, and faith. She found a best friend in Beth and built a team of advocates who will never give up on her. She enjoys a long walk, savors a good swim, and loves to live in the moment, the moment she almost didn't have. Naomi has been waiting well over 365 days for her forever home. In rescue there are many horrific stories like Naomi's. Together we can help Naomi and all her friends by being their voice, sharing their story, adopting & volunteering. No gesture is too small..... we all make a difference. Naomi is available for adoption through Animal Network.

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