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Pawtastic Friends Cruise

As I sit here and gather my thoughts of the Pawtastic Friends Howl O Ween cruise, I smile and am most grateful. Events can be exhausting, as they involve so much time, energy, labor, and thought, but it's so worth every bit of hard work leading up to the big event. Michael, I and the whole Pawtastic Friends team are so thankful to everyone that supported this event in so many different ways.... the sponsors, those who attended, those who donated awesome auction prizes, those who bid, and those who shared the event and sold tickets. It was a wonderful night.... the weather perfect, the music was hopping, the food was ghoulishly tasty, and we spent the night with some amazing people. From the bottom of hearts, we thank you for all of your support, your kindness, and your generosity. We could not do what we do without you. Much love & gratitude

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