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Love can move mountains

In a not so nice world full of hate, jealousy and bullies. Love, kindness, and hope will always prevail. That's what "rescue" is all about. A community that comes together inspite of differences to make an impact in so many different ways. 

Sometimes, I think I'm not cut out for it. In fact, it keeps me up most nights. Believe me, there are victories and there are losses that will knock you to your knees and break your heart. I still cry for the ones that we could not help and the ones that never got their happily ever after. I don't think I'll ever get over those losses and the thought of failing them. But, somehow, we find the will to keep going. 

We made unspoken commitments to our furry friends to protect them, advocate for them, be their voice, and be a friend during a scary and confusing time. I guess that's what keeps me going, along with the rescue heros that save lives daily and inspire me to try harder. These are extraordinary people that have full time jobs but devote every spare moment to rescue. They volunteer their free time to make a difference saving lives, donating and sharing updates. I'm thankful for these amazing people (some I only know through social media). They restore my faith in humanity and pick me up when my spirit is hurt. So thank you to all of you that do so much to enrich the lives of so many homeless animals. I know together we can move mountains.



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