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A real life fairy tale.

It takes a village and this is a perfect example.... two dogs, two different rescues, and a bond that most will never ever know. You might recall the story of Frenchie & Charlie. They met by chance in enrichment training and felll in love. Frenchie relied on Charlie, her knight in shining fur, for comfort, while Charlie looked out for his girl. They played fetch & cuddled with their friends Nancy & Tom. Frenchie swam with Ms. Kathy, as Charlie cheered her on. They trained with Ms. Shannon. Each adventure brought them closer. Their story was shared near and far. It was a real life testament of love, hope, and faith. There rescues, Charlie (Pits to Pets) & Frenchie (Pawsitive Difference) knew these two loves needed a happy ending TOGETHER. And as luck would have it Kim from, yet another rescue, Animal Network came across a family looking for a bonded pair. She thought Frenchie and Charlie would be a perfect fit, and she was right. One chapter has come to a close, and so the next chapter begins of the real life love story of Frenchie & Charlie. Thank you to everyone that made this possible.  

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