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The luck of the Irish.

Some people are just born to do what they do. I knew that when I met Sinead many years ago. She had a passion to make a difference and the talent to make it happen with her business Las Vegas Mobile Grooming & Massage. For years now Sinead has donated her time to groom and bathe dogs, helping them build confidence and trust. She's revived spirits and helped many overcome defeat. We always look forward to our grooming days, I can't explain the joy and hope on the dogs faces. For years now, I've seen many dogs transformed by Sinead, some ultimately finding their homes. In addition, she does supply drives, walks pups, and has a lot of kissing time. I'm most grateful I met Sinead way back when, as she's become a dear friend. Some say is was fate, but I believe it was the luck of the Irish. Please remember to give back if you can and be kind. Support local businesses like Las Vegas Mobile Grooming and Massage that give back to the community. Thank you Sinead for all you do for so many. 

We love you  

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