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My Furry Valentine

Love makes the world go round and although it might have a different meaning for each of us, it's something we all long for. When we find love, we are happy. When we lose it we are sad. Love teaches us many things.... compassion, wisdom, perseverance, and friendship. With Valentine's Day coming up, what better time to spread the love. There are so many animals waiting in shelters and rescues for the love/loves of their life. Their hearts are full of hope, faith, and strength. They give unconditional love, lots of kisses, and many snuggles. So forget the flowers, forget the chocolates, and adopt a furry friend. You will not be disappointed. From all of us at Pawtastic Friends, we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. May your day be filled with lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 

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