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Love & Gratitude

It takes a village to make the world a better place. That being said, Pawtastic Friends has so many moving parts. We have a core team that sets the foundation and branches out from there to wonderful volunteers, donors and enrichment training sponsors. With passion, dedication, and a lot of love, we are able to help many amazing rescues by funding training for some of the most deserving pups. Updates allow our Pawtastic Friends family near and far to follow the journey of each scholar. When they find their hero, their happily ever after, it brings an overwhelming sense of happiness, a renewed sense of faith, and hope that together we are making a difference. So, thank you for being "Team Pawtastic Friends" and making a difference in so many different ways.... volunteering, donating items, sponsoring training & swim sessions, being a boarding buddy, a community partner, or simply sharing an update or story. We are very grateful and blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful souls. Melissa, Michael & The entire Pawtastic Friends Team  

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