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Gone but not forgotten.

In the world of rescue we meet so many amazing dogs with so many different stories searching for their forever homes. Ben was one of those amazing dogs with a not so nice past. Our partners at The Samadhi Legacy Foundation rescued Ben off the streets of Mexico. He was a kind soul with a funny personality. He loved his walks, playing fetch, and taking in the fresh air with his favorite people. Ben was one of those special pups that had hope and faith, making a bad day so much better. He loved his training and focused on each task presented to him. In rescue, all of us hope that each animal finds their happily ever after. We do our best to make that happen. Sometimes, the outcome is not what we hope and they don't get that fairy tale ending, as in the case of Ben. Unfortunately, Ben passed away before he found his forever home. Our hearts go out to our partners at The Samadhi Legacy Foundation and to everyone who loved Ben. Thank you for all the love you gave him. Until we meet again 💙

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