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Tyler's World

Life works in mysterious ways. What started out as “Tuesday Videos” turned into something amazing. Throughout our Pawtastic Friends journey thus far, we were fortunate to meet some really incredible people. People of all walks of life that want to make a difference, that believe in our mission, and want to help. One of those wonderful people we crossed paths with is Tyler Foxx. Each week, we have the opportunity to showcase one of our deserving scholars. Tyler is giving us a platform to be the voice for many pups that have been waiting quite some time for their happily ever after, to share their story, and to highlight their characteristics. As I sit here and write this, I get goosebumps thinking of how Pawtastic Friends started, how it’s evolved, and what the future holds. Thank you Tyler and 98.5 KLUC for inviting us into your world. We appreciate your kindness and are most grateful for this opportunity. Here’s to many more adoptions and the chance to share the importance of the Pawtastic Friends Enrichment Training Program, and how the community can help. Much love & gratitude Melissa, Michael, & the Pawtastic Friends Family  Pawtastic Friends is dedicated daily to helping homeless animals succeed. 

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