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The next chapter

Once in a while in the world of rescue, you have a story that is a true fairy tale..... this is the story of Woofer & Churchill.... Woofer and Churchill were two dogs with two different stories, and one common denominator.... Friends For Life Humane Society. They met by chance when they became kennel mates and became the best of friends. You see they needed each other to build confidence and trust. Churchill made great strides and really blossomed. While Woofer needed time to accept kindness and to realize we were not gonna let him down as other humans before had. With the kind guidance of their trainer Kim and his best friend Churchill, Woofer began to shine. He welcomed a treat and then a gentle touch. He followed Churchills lead and became comfortable with the leash, enjoying the grass and fresh air. Team Woofer & team Churchill were in full swing. Many followed their updates with many prayers and hopes. As luck would have it, a family saw Woofer and inquired. They were patient and willing to wait till he was ready. After seeing the friendship that Woofer and Churchill shared, they made the decision to meet them both. It took a bit of time but today was the day...... Kim escorted them to their forever home and today they started their happily ever after together. Dreams do come true❤ Two dogs, two different stories, meeting by chance, becoming best friends. Rescue has many sad times, and lots of heartache. So when you have a story like Woofer's and Churchill's you celebrate the hope, the faith, the perseverance, the will to never give up and that's what makes it all worth while.  Special thanks to our amazing rescue partners Friends for Life Humane Society for the beginning of their fairy tale  Lots of love from your  Pawtastic Friends 

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