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Birthday Wishes

I'm a strong believer that people come into our lives for a reason.... perhaps it's fate, maybe it's chance. I have met many people throughout the years that have inspired me, guided me, taught me, and loved me. Those are the people that keep me going in a not so nice world. Today we celebrate one of those people. We would love you to join us in wishing Shannon, aka "trainer to the stars" a very Happy Birthday 🎂 We started our journey a few years ago. Right from the start, we knew there was something special about her... maybe it was the hope in her eyes, or the compassion in her heart, or maybe her passion to make a difference or maybe the fact she was from the midwest 😉. I like to think it was all of the above and more. As I reflect now, I feel I won the lottery.... not only is she an amazing trainer, but she is a dear friend who enriches the lives of so many both furry and human. She makes this world a better place and has made a huge impact in our lives. Thank you for all you do each and every day to help the Pawtastic Friend's scholars.... you are making a difference. We love you.... Happy Birthday ❤ Lots a love  Melissa, Michael and  Team Pawtastic Friends 

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