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Working together for a forever home.

Teamwork really can move mountains even though it's not always easy. With hope and perseverance we can help those who need us and make a difference in their world. Bones was part of the Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League. I remember Chelsea, one of the founders, reaching out to me asking if we could add him to the enrichment training program. You see Bones came from a not so nice past, and was stripped of his confidence and trust. It broke my heart. When I first met Bones, his eyes told a story of hope, even tho his spirit was broken. He started training twice a week with Shannon & Keith and each week he got a little bit of confidence back, started to trust, and his spirit started to emerge. Yet I still worried about him. Then the day came..... a family wanted to meet him and drove 10 hours to make it happen. All of us were so excited, hoping this was the right fit. The message came and brought tears..... it was the perfect fit. They loved Bones and he loved them. He even has a 4 legged sister. We are so excited for Bones to have his happily ever after and all the love he deserves. Thank you to everyone that helps make life better every day for those still waiting. You are making a difference 

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