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Canine Bodywork & Aquatics - A Loving Touch

The heat is here making it tough for our scholars in boarding. We have to get an extra early start walking before it gets too hot. What better way to beat the heat then a dip in the pool. Thanks to our partner Kathy Carr of Canine Bodywork and Aquatics,  some of the scholars get to indulge in a wonderful swim. Swimming not only is great exercise but it helps build confidence, build focus, refreshes the mind, and renews the spirit. After a great swim, it's time for a relaxing massage. Kathy's kind touch and gentle spirit has touched so many scholars of all ages and all breeds, sharing with them her love of water. We are so grateful for all the lives she has changed. Please consider donating to the Pawtastic Friends Naomi Memorial Aquatics Scholarship and help more scholars enjoy a swim. Much love & gratitude to Kathy. We love you. Melissa, Michael, & the Pawtastic Friends family 

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