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Helping hands

In a not so nice world, there is always kindness. Sometimes it takes a while to find it, but we must never lose hope. Last Tuesday we were lucky to have an amazing group from Aristocrat Technologies join our Pawtastic Friends Boarding Buddies crew. They were so compassionate, so wonderful with the pups, and such kind spirits. Even with the unbearable heat, they were troopers, sharing quality time and love with our scholars who live in boarding. A wonderful time was had by all and we look forward to their next visit. As we wrapped up with info on our enrichment scholarship program, we stressed the impact that their visit had not only on the dogs they bonded with but also on us. Thank you Aristocrat Technologies for spending your time with us. We truly appreciate it and each and everyone of you. 

Much love  Melissa, Michael & the Pawtastic Friends Team  

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