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Achieving the impossible

Sometimes I feel in rescue we are fighting a war we will never win. Through the years I've grown attached to many dogs that have and are still waiting for their happily ever after, months even years. Some have defied the odds. McEnroe, Huck, and Sookie are just a few that will always be close to my heart and are thriving in loving forever homes. This week has been tough and emotional, sucking the life out of my soul. I don't know how our rescue partners do it. I really don't, but I admire them. I've put out a personal plea to many in hopes to help some Nspca dogs that would thrive in a rescue or a rehabilitation program. Some rescues don't have room, others no fosters, others have vet or boarding expenses. This is real life on a daily basis for them. For the rescues that could help I'm so grateful, as are many. Afterall, we are all in this together. The last week I've been racking my brain for solutions or different avenues to help, but yet I can't find the answers. In a perfect world, we would have an abundance of fosters to offer loving homes and every dog would get their happily ever after. You see fosters save lives, so please if you can't adopt, consider fostering and help set a dog up for success. In closing, I'm asking all of our rescue partners again to reconsider helping if you can. Our offer still stands to provide enrichment training to help give these dogs a chance. If you can help or want to meet the remaining pups, please email me at  I truly believe if we work together, we achieve the impossible.  Hope & prayers  Melissa 

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