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Against the odds

Saturday was just another normal day at the salon. But then I met Apollo, a handsome, sweet guy with quite the story. It was a perfect example of a 2nd chance. I have always had a soft spot for the underdog and as I listened to his owner tell me his story, I couldn't help but hold back tears. You see, she rescued Apollo about 2 years ago. He had a horrible life used as a bait dog. Evil had taken his canine teeth and his spirit, but it could not take his will. He survived being a bait dog only to end up in a junkyard as his new life. But, that would all change when he met his hero. She adopted him, showed him unconditional love, helped him build confidence and trust. It seemed that she needed him as much as he needed her.   Although at times the odds were against him, Apollo defied the circumstances that surrounded him and went on to become her service dog. He is a true testament of what a 2nd chance can be. So, when we hear all the bad things about the world we live in, think about Apollo and how he overcame the circumstances thrown at him.  Keep up the GREAT work Apollo. You are a wonderful example of perseverance and hope 


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